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The face of business is changing

Now, more than ever, consumers are driving the rhythm of commerce and your organization’s supply-chain skills actually orchestrate business success.
This is a time when insight about people makes a real business difference. This is why we design logistics management software with people in mind.

Our software will help you differentiate your organization from your competitors, raise your customers’ satisfaction, and lower your operating costs. Our solutions are designed for a world of unknowns, in order to help you master your logistics challenges.

These are our signature solutions: Transport Management, E-commerce Fulfillment, Service Delivery, Returns Management and Supply Chain visibility.

Since 1998, we have been serving our global customers from our Swedish headquarters. We are a privately owned company, and our AAA credit rating¹ is proof of our longevity and strategic long-term focus.

Ready-to-run industry excellence

Benefit from the cumulative experience and knowledge gained from hundreds of logistics software implementation projects with leading worldwide brands from a variety of industries – captured in a form that is as easy to implement as downloading an app in your smartphone.

Our solutions are ready-to-run and available in off-the-shelf configurations, with features that are tuned, tested and proven. With them, you quickly access world-leading business value and innovation without a painful and long tailoring process. Moreover, as your needs grow, so do our solutions.

From people, for people

We live as we learn. The true power of Centiro comes from our passionate people. Something you notice immediately once you meet us for the first time.

Our goal has always been to attract the best people and help them succeed in creating unequaled industry solutions. As a testament, our culture and leadership has been awarded several times, and we are recognized as one of Europe’s best places to work. The value for our customer in working with humble and highly committed professionals that love their job is easy to explain.

We create solutions for supply-chain professionals that want to make a difference for their companies. Are you one of them?

¹Dun & Bradstreet AAA rating earned in 2000.