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Work for us

Working at Centiro is different. Inspiring, challenging, rewarding. We live our values every day.

We appreciate the experience from veterans just as much as the fresh insights from young professionals starting their careers. Our culture is designed to nurture and develop both hard-nosed specialists and holistic generalists. For us, personal development and growth are key and the arrows don’t stereotypically just point up.


Traditional companies use lines and boxes to organize people in a hierarchy, in two dimensions. But we’re anything but traditional. Our organizational chart is designed in three dimensions. This is to show how our flat organization really works. How a newcomer can walk up to the CEO and have his or her novel idea transform what our solutions do or how we work. How knowledge and important learning are shared between everyone.

In pursuit of mastery

The people who work with us have a desire to progress. We have created an organization, built on participation, transparency, and the drive to push the limits of what’s possible. At Centiro, you will find a special ingenuity and creative power mixed with humbleness.

We believe you will perform at the highest level if there is an equal balance between work and your private life, and if you are challenged with both local and global perspectives. We put equal value on breadth, depth, and height. Freedom and trust are there to give room to each individual to use their creativity to solve everyday tasks.

At Centiro, employees are not seen as resources, our culture is built on insight into human behavior. The author Daniel Pink summarizes this in this short animated film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc