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Centiro Transport Management (TM)

Our system add standardized flexibility to your supply chain. Imagine the ability to easily connect new carriers, take control over costs and follow up on KPIs on a global basis. The ease at which change can be implemented if you had a consistent process for transportation across your sites. Centiro TM offer supply-chain freedom and simplicity from the cloud. And it plays nice with your existing investments too.

Carrier connectivity out of a box

Centiro Transport Management lets you select and mix carriers and services from our rich portfolio of existing connections. And add new ones to predictable cost with our unique business model. This has strategic effects on how you can design your setup and serve your customers. We focus on carrier compliance, so you don’t have to.

Promise what you can keep. And keep your promise.

Our Automated Carrier Service Selection (ACSS) allow you to choose the best carrier for the given situation in real time. ACSS give your customers the transport service that they require. Based on relevant variables such as cost and leadtime, you also get the optimal mix for your company. Quality assurance and down-stream validation of the order information near the point of shipment comes as a bonus.


Centiro Transport Management (TM) embeds nicely in the different stages of your supply chain. The open architecture allow for seamless communication between different functional systems. The result is that you can do more with the same or less IT resources. Our pay-as-you-go model let’s you allocate more money and resource to development instead of just running the shop. And the users like it too. Clean design and easy to understand. Our software is designed with people in mind.


Centiro Transport Management is available in a ready-to-run configuration that can get you started in no time. The add-on value packs extend the solution if and when your needs change. Our SaaS business model means less up-front capital investment and a lower TCO.