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Plan your work. Work your plan

Centiro Service Delivery is developed for the situations where you provide services around the delivery and logistics of a product, such as installation or configuration activity. It allow you to interact with external service providers and orchestrate their activity in the field, driven by other supply chain activities. Work schedules and commitments can be made available at point of sale or other points of interaction with the customer. Once a promise is given, our Service Delivery solution helps you execute and follow up on that promise.

Home delivery, with a twist

Imagine the satisfaction and brand loyalty you can achieve in home delivery scenarios, where activities flow in a perfect sequence. Many companies offer home delivery. Few provide a seamless experience, where both transportation and add-on services are coordinated. Our experience show that customer satisfaction and brand loyalty increase significantly when these things are combined. The modern customer does not merely buy a product - they buy an experience. Contact us if you want to know more.