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Combine your e-commerce business with the latest

In carrier connectivity to boost the shopping experience for your customers. Gain higher retention- and conversion rates by giving the customer a seamless shopping experience. Transportation should not be a barrier for shopping, it should be an enabler. Statistics show that you can loose up to 35 % of your customers on the check-out page when delivery options are unclear.

Let the customer decide

You should not decide the way the customer want their order to be delivered, it's up to the customer. Provide the customer the opportunity to choose for the most optimal way of shopping including how their order shall be delivered. The Centiro E-commerce solution lets the customer choose based on geography, cost, lead time, pick-up location or home delivery. Green, fast or cheap? Our studies show that timeliness improves and cost for transportation is reduced when the customer is allowed to make the choices based on accurate information.

Instant feedback to your customer

Interact with your customers by keeping them up to date with the latest information about their order. Let them use the information channel of choice to get the latest news. Mail or text notification to get instant feedback into their mail box or status updates in your web shop.

Manage your e-commerce returns

Centiro E-commerce help you increase customer satisfaction by creating involvement and visibility. Let the customer utilize the opportunity to choose how they want to return their goods, and get better visibility on inbound returns. A bonus is the opportunity to interact with the customer in order to build your brand, improve loyalty and manage returns gate keeping at the same time. Contact us to get a white paper written together with researchers on the subject.