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Centiro and Humanium Metal by IM in unique collaboration

Jun 04, 2019

IM (Individuell Människohjälp) is initiating a collaboration with the company Centiro to enable tracking of the processes around Humanium Metal – from melted down weapons to new products and peacemaking activities.

Humanium Metal is an initiative by IM where confiscated illegal weapons in violence-affected countries are transformed into enriched metal – which is then sold on to leading designers and brands.

Today, Humanium Metal is used in everything from watches to artwork, with the profit made going into IM’s development work in violence-affected countries.

"It is hugely important for us that private companies such as Centiro are involved and contribute their skills and resources. Our partnership means that we can develop the Humanium Metal project and thereby bring about further change in the countries where we operate," says Martin Nihlgård, Secretary General at IM.

When IM and Centiro met, both saw the potential in a collaboration. The process around Humanium Metal involves many steps, from melting down the materials all the way to a finished product in the consumer’s hands. It’s a challenge to know the whereabouts of raw materials and products in the chain, and how to move them in the best way possible. And this is a field in which Centiro has considerable experience, both with its software and wider expertise within the company.

"At a time when sustainability, circular models and the issue of how to create a better world are all in the spotlight, entering into a partnership with Humanium Metal feels perfectly natural. The idea of getting rid of illegal weapons and at the same time creating a multitude of new benefits is absolutely right. Together we can help IM’s idea gain traction as well as simplify the practical aspects of managing a fairly complex value chain across the entire world. My colleagues and I are proud to contribute to the success of Humanium Metal", finishes Niklas Hedin, CEO Centiro.

For more info, please contact:
Niklas Hedin, CEO Centiro
Tel: +46 33 297 700

About IM
IM is a Swedish development organisation working towards a world free from poverty and isolation, where everyone can enjoy their human rights and have power over their lives. We support vulnerable people so that they can use their own power to change their situation. IM is a religiously and politically independent organisation founded in 1938.

About Centiro
Centiro is a global innovator in cloud-based delivery network management solutions. We empower companies and finer supply chains in over 125 countries. Headquartered in Borås, Sweden with offices in Boston, London and Pune, our list of clients is impressive and includes iconic brands renowned for supply-chain innovation, customer centricity, and effectiveness. For more information, please visit www.centiro.com