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Centiro once again on top 5 in Great Place to Work

Mar 26, 2018

When Great Place to Work® Institute, the global authority on building, sustaining, and recognizing high-trust, high-performing workplace cultures, selected Sweden’s Best Workplaces for 2018, the software company Centiro ended up in the top 5 for the ninth year in a row. Centiro was ranked fifth in the medium-sized organization (50–249 employees) category and once again earned a place in the Hall of Fame for its commitment to create a strong workplace culture.

The company, with around 230 employees, is today more than four times the size it was when it participated in the Great Place to Work ranking for the first time nine years ago. There is a clear correlation between financial results and growth and the strategy relating to corporate culture and the ability to follow market changes.

‘In today’s rapidly developing market, it’s crucial to work with the soft issues strategically and on a daily basis. I think we’ve demonstrated that you have a greater impact if you let people change the company themselves, compared with classic top-down changes that feel slow and outdated. If you look at the Trust Index, the Swedish average is just over 50%*, and we’ve been stable for years at around 90%. We’re consciously working with drive and passion to be a modern and exciting workplace where every individual has the opportunity to develop to their full potential,’ says Niklas Hedin, CEO at Centiro.

‘On the list of Sweden’s Best Workplaces, you find companies and organizations which have succeeded in creating a workplace experience that is equal regardless of an employee’s gender, age or ethnicity. By focusing on your values and your employees’ needs, you become an employer that fosters commitment and produces results,’ says Maria Grudén, CEO of Great Place to Work.

The Sweden’s Best Workplaces prize is split into three categories: small, medium and large organizations. The lists of Sweden’s Best Workplaces are based on a range of factors, including a survey of company employees who indicate their attitudes towards their workplace.

* According to a survey carried out by Great Place To Work®.



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