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Centiro committed for a sustainable future

May 09, 2017

In the light of the Global Compact Nordic Network meeting arranged in Gothenburg, Centiro announces it’s well under way to build the ten sustainability principles of UN’s Global Compact program into core operating principles.

“I signed the commitment letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in June last year. We soon thereafter adopted global policies to address matters in line with the UN Global Compact principles. This year, our work in these areas are crowned with several ISO certifications to demonstrate that we not only talk, but walk the talk”, says Niklas Hedin, CEO of Centiro.

Companies are increasingly seen to address sustainability issues in several areas, including work environment, respect for human rights, green operations, business ethics and diversity. Legislation and compliance regulation is also working its way, including sharper laws on employer responsibilities for stress and health-related matters in Sweden implemented in 2017 and new reporting requirements on mid-sized companies in EU per the Global Reporting initiative, treading into force 2017–2018.

“There is great demand from leading brands and customers to act in earnest on these issues, and as an example, I’m happy to confirm that all energy used to run our cloud-based customer solutions is not only renewable, most of it is also re-used to heat our office, in addition we are installing solar power to become self-sufficient. We take this seriously in all aspects, and I believe companies acting together as part of advancing society, can be a strong force in shaping the world for the better, which I believe is the spirit of the Global Compact program” Hedin finishes.

For more information, please contact
Niklas Hedin, CEO Centiro
Tel: +46-705 12 89 00
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