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Nelly gives delivery management a fresh look with Centiro

Nelly is the leading online fashion retailer in the Nordic countries. The retailer is part of Qliro Group’s fashion department, consisting of Nelly.com, NLY Man and Members.com. 

Nelly Casestudy Delivery Management

With its focal site, Nelly.com, the company sells clothing online to young, trendy and outgoing girls aged 18 to 35. The online shop has 700 brands with 300 new items every day. NLY Man provides clothing and items to confident and stylish men. The site inspires ambitious young men to live a life in style. Finally, Members.com is the exclusive online shopping club. In total, the sites have 10 million customers per month.

Nelly was quickly expanding in the Nordic countries and wanted to ensure its IT systems could meet their vision; becoming the number one online fashion destination in the Nordics. Therefore, having an accessible delivery management function was essential to meeting the company’s value.

A brand new outfit

As an online fashion retailer, Nelly is reliant on its carrier network to ship its products to its customers. The company needed to ensure it could quickly scale its carrier network to meet growing customer demand and help it break into new markets. At the same time, Nelly wanted to gain more control over the last-mile experience in order to better serve its customers. This meant reducing delivery times and being able to offer a wide range of delivery options to customers both at home and abroad.

Magnus Månsson, CEO at Nelly said, “In order to further grow our business and expand, we needed to develop our carrier network quickly. However, we were constrained by our existing technology and processes, which meant onboarding new carriers could take months. With these priorities in mind, we started talking to Centiro about how they could help us to take our delivery capabilities to the next level and provide our customers with more options”.

Finding the right fit

Nelly chose to use Centiro’s cloud-based delivery management platform, as it enabled the company to onboard new carriers in matter of weeks, whilst at the same time it provide foresight and control over performance and cost. Since using Centiro, the biggest benefit Nelly has received is the immediately reduced time spent handling invoices from the different carriers.

Additionally, the company now has better capabilities of understanding its outbound costs, by calculating estimated delivery- and return cost and comparing them against actual costs. If the costs from the carrier are over the defined limit, the item automatically goes to a deviation report. The largest advantage is that the report is easier and quicker to use, and the company does not have to manually go through every single invoice. As a result, the back-office staff can devote more time to service deliveries. Through optimizing the transport costs and improving its ability to expand its carrier network, Nelly has greater flexibility to offer more delivery options to its customers.

International delivery

With greater visibility into the carrier network, Nelly is able to offer different delivery options and tailor them for the operating markets. The online retailer also uses Centiro to manage its returns process in some regions, which allows greater visibility when it comes to organizing them at the warehouse. By result, Nelly benefits from better control, planning and decision-making of what to do with returned goods. Additionally, Nelly uses Centiro internally to track and trace deliveries from the placement of the order, to the delivery of it, via a control tower in Qlikview. This enables parcel tracking of all deliveries directly on the Nelly website.

Magnus Månsson concluded, “Centiro has helped us become agile, enabling us to develop the carrier network and improve our cost-control. We are now able to deliver a full-circle brand experience to our customers, which is key to our continued growth. Now, we have a platform which allows us to continue to innovate and improve our customers’ delivery and returns experience.