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As a logistics provider – whether you are asset heavy, light or even asset free – you know that good and customized service needs to go hand in hand with operational efficiency these days. Also, you need to operate a tight ship in terms of cost control and make sure there is sound business in what you do. We have everything you need to take control over both delivery execution, service and control for your customers.

Differences all treated the same

In the business of logistics services, customers have requirements that make them different in how they operate through a warehouse and with a carrier. The design of a label. The use of references. Tracking. That is why all these things are easy to configure in our platform. The variations all run on the same core platform, essentially giving you the best of both worlds – robust re-use and scalability, with an untouched ability to please the customer by fulfilling their need and requirement to differentiate in the market.

Success loves speed

We all know that speed matters these days. We can give you that speed. Connect carriers. Enable new services, setup a new customer in an existing site, or enable an entirely new operation. All in days and weeks. Our three week release pulse, vast off-the shelf carrier portfolio and extensive functionality are all ready to make your business more dynamic. Off-loading internal it-resources, redirecting from operating to developing. And if you are concerned with security, you can sleep well. Our cloud-operation is certified to a leading set of ISO-standards (ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018, and 27032) with all the scalability and business contingency your business deserves, and requires.

Always the right fit

We know that a business developer in logistics need to be creative these days. Thanks to our platform, you can have that freedom of how you want to compose your service-offering, and how to best utilize your carrier network. Our flexible platform and pay-as-you-go business model adapts smoothly to the way your business expands and changes based on your customer requirements.

With Centiro, you are never stuck – you are always empowered and rightsized. And whenever season peaks set in we flex with it – our unique cloud architecture is truly elastic and can take any seasonal-load your customer can muster.

Want to know more?
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