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The growth of online retail shows no sign of slowing down. At the same time, this is putting increased pressure on retailers’ logistics capabilities. Today’s consumer is dictating how and when they would like their delivery. Is your carrier network scalable and flexible enough to meet
customers’ delivery requirements?

We take Brand Experiences full circle

With Centiro you can assert greater control over your delivery network and turn it into a strategic advantage. Our cloud-based delivery management solutions enable you to quickly and easily on-board new carriers, gain complete visibility into your delivery network and provide your customers with a full-circle brand experience. 

For many retailers it can be a challenge to quickly integrate new carriers in both domestic and international markets. Our cloud-based software enables you to get your delivery network up and running in a matter of weeks, while giving you laser-sharp visibility and peace of mind over performance and cost.

Want your e-commerce to go places?

The rapid expansion of cross-border online sales is a fact, and many retailers are seeking the opportunity to scale internationally. Centiro helps retailers to succeed much faster, and with predictable results. A global proven platform, an industry-leading portfolio of carriers and unique market insights are ready to get your international expansion into gear. 

The business results Centiro can deliver out-of-the-box include off-loading of internal IT capacity, greater ease to deal with carrriers and a unified and streamlined process. With Centiro hooked up in your process, there are simply a lot less boxes to tick.

See all. Know all.

Retailers today must contend with offering consumers a variety of delivery services with high precision and flexibility. This puts pressure on processes and systems behind the scenes. With Centiro, you can reduce complexity in how delivery services are envisioned, utilised and managed. We make the blending of delivery alternatives possible and seamless.

The control-tower and event management capabilities of Centiro allow you to stay on top of the game - across processes, systems and geographies. Centiro helps you turn reactive and costly service into pro-active control and business opportunity. It's a critical tool to build brand loyalty in a digital world.

Want to know more?
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