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We deliver value to society in and around Centiro, for the sake of a greater good. We are still a business enterprise but contribute resources, time, money and effort without seeking anything in return. There are three levels where this happens - inside Centiro, in the near environment and further afield.


At Centiro, social responsibility is built into our operating system and culture. Well-being, profit and growth are accepted results of a professional enterprise, and in the wake of success, further beneficial and socially responsible initiatives can be undertaken.


We aspire to be an inspirational example of how to build a better workplace. We frequently share our ideas with a growing number of organizations who wish to create better environments for people to work in, and by doing so, building a better society, one small step at a time.

The examples and stories about how Centiro works are now described in several books, leadership training programs and also shared on-site. We have been chosen as leading example and global inspirational reference of a great culture by Franklin Covey, the largest leadership training organization in the world. We work closely with educational facilities and the local community to improve education and living conditions in the places where we operate.


We contribute and participate with economic resources in several initiatives to help those in need. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. We finance a village-uplift project in the Hand-In-Hand program, founded by legendary Percy Barnevik, where an Indian village of approximately 250 people receives training and help to become self-sufficient within two years - in healthcare, food, animal care and micro-economics.

Above and beyond larger initiatives, such as supporting UNHCR in the Syriah refugee crisis, Centiro supports cancer research for children and adults. There is a constant readyness in our company to help, both as a company and as individuals. Together, we contribute to the society we want to live in.