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The Centiro Spirit

Over the years, Centiro has grown and evolved, with numerous achievements, awards, and prestigious client projects on our track record. Years of innovation, experimentation and development have helped us find our core values. The brand has found its identity. Our foundation is solid and the elements that build our success are timeless.

The Centiro Spirit goes beyond values that can be put down in writing, but in this Code of Ethics, you will find the cornerstones of our culture – our values, ethics and boundaries.

In our ecosystem, we include Centiro colleagues, partners, suppliers and other relevant business parties who conduct work for, or with Centiro. We expect everyone working with us to adhere to and respect the values and principles expressed in this Code of Ethics.

We must all work together to infuse the spirit of our values in everything we do. We must all be our best selves when it comes to business conduct and bring our commitment, energy and ourselves into our work. We must all work to create a spirit that lasts, all the way. This is what has shaped our
success so far and what will continue our success into the future.

Niklas Hedin


Read the full version of our Code of Ethics here.