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Free copy of the Customer Pulse Report 2017

Reports available for the following markets: UK, Germany, Australia, China and Sweden. There is also a European Comparison.

Read these new reports to gain the latest insights into online shoppers buying preferences, behaviour and experiences – how do your omni-channel credentials weigh up?

Report Highlights (from the UK report)

UK online retail grew more than 16% in 2016, fuelled by sales made on smartphones, and similar progress is forecast to be made this year. Retailers are converging the online and offline shopping experiences to meet the ever-increasing shopper expectations, but many of them are struggling to offer a seamless cross-channel shopping experience.

>> Of those consumers who experienced issues, over 1 in 4 consumers received a damaged item.

>> Overall, Click & Collect issues have fallen compared with previous year.

>> Click & Collect usage remains high with nearly 1/3 UK adults using the service and making additional purchases in-store.

>> 68% UK adults have returned items purchased online.

>> More than half of respondents actively use their mobile in-store.

The survey was conducted by YouGov Plc.

Download your free copy of the Customer Pulse report 2017: