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Download the new Customer Pulse Report 2016

Free copy of the Customer Pulse Report 2016

A new study surveying over 7,500 consumers in Germany, UK, China, France and Sweden reveals the latest insights into online shoppers buying preferences, behaviour and experiences of their shopping journey from online purchase to order fulfillment.

The reports, available for Germany, UK, China, France and Sweden, uncover some interesting results around minimum order thresholds and Click & Collect charges, as well as issues experienced on the shopping journey.

Report Highlights (from the UK report)

>> Issues associated with online orders have grown over the last 12 months

>> Consumer propensity to switch retailer based on a poor shopping experience is increasing

>> Online shoppers are reacting in different ways to minimum order thresholds

>> Free fulfillment considerations: what customers are happy to pay for

>> Future shopping predictions: how consumers anticipate shopping in 5 years’ time

The survey was conducted by YouGov Plc.

Download your free copy of the Customer Pulse report 2016: