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Download Christmas Customer Pulse report 2017

Free copy of the Christmas Customer Pulse Report 2017

Increasingly savvy Christmas shoppers are looking to use the channels that best suit their budget and lifestyle. Consequently, findings from a new JDA/Centiro study have revealed that consumers will quickly take their custom elsewhere if faced with stock outs and unsuitable delivery times.

Read the reports, available for UK, Sweden, France and Germany, gain the latest insights into online shoppers buying preferences, behaviour and experiences – how do your omni-channel credentials weigh up?

Report Highlights (from the UK report)

>> 12% of UK adults online said they used an alternative retailer because their preferred retailer did not have items available online.

>> 7% shopped with an alternative retailer because delivery times failed to meet their requirements.

>> Overall, Click & Collect issues have decreased slightly compared with previous year.

>> Of those consumers who experienced issues, over 1 in 5 consumers received a damaged item.

>> Click & Collect usage plateaus, but the gap narrows between cost and convenience.

The survey was conducted by YouGov Plc.

Download your free copy of the Christmas Customer Pulse report 2017: