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2018 Global Consumer Survey

Retailers Know The Problems They're Facing: Customers Have The Answers To Solve Them.

Today’s retail environment is more complex than ever, given the rise of e-commerce and a rediscovery of the age-old truth that “the customer is king”.

Retailers across the globe are challenged with demands for both personalisation and convenience, balanced with consumer scepticism on data privacy. In the recent Global Consumer Survey, JDA Software and Centiro interviewed 12,000 consumers in key global markets to identify consumer trends.

The 2018 Global Consumer Survey unveils compelling statistics around consumer preference towards in-store shopping experiences versus online, in addition to shopping preferences by demographics and much more. Download the results of the 2018 Global Consumer Survey to learn more!

>> Infographic: Key Findings from the 2018 Global Consumer Survey

>> Infographic: Key Findings from the 2018 Global Consumer Survey - Europe


Download your free copy of the 2018 Global Consumer Survey: